My Towersey: Jon Boden

John Spiers and Jon Boden

Spiers and Boden

“I’ve had some fantastic gigs at Towersey” enthuses Jon Boden. He’s been a regular guest at Towersey Festival for many years, as solo performer, as one half of Spiers and Boden, and as part of the hugely successful folk big band Bellowhead.

Of course, Bellowhead’s floor-wrecking antics are now the stuff of Towersey legend, however Jon’s favourite Towersey Festival moment was a Late Night appearance with fellow Bellowhead founder John Spiers under the guise of Spiers And Boden.

“It was the first time we had ever had a crowd of mosh-pit teenagers … well, people generally younger than us,” he chuckles. “They were jumping around and dancing to us at midnight, which was pretty phenomenal! That’s something we’ve since tried to bring more to our live shows. We were aware that we could do that with Bellowhead, but it was cool to get all those people dancing with the duo.”

Spiers And Boden appear at Towersey Festival on Monday 26 August 2013 in The Big Club and as part of the Venue 65 Finale for more of that moshing!



They play the kind of music you’d expect to find blasting out from an American swamp, but Mama Rosin actually hail from the foothills of the Swiss Alps.

“We’ve always loved the old blues, and one day by chance, around the age of 20, we discovered Cajun and zydeco music at a festival in France,” says Mama Rosin accordionist Cyril Yeterian of their accidental discovery of Cajun music.

“This music blew us out!,” he cries of his response to hearing the accordion-led sound. “[It] touched us more than any music we had heard before!”

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