Tom Stade still rocks

Tom Stade

Canadian comic Tom Stade

TWELVE months ago, with his then tour extended due to popular demand, Canadian comic Tom Stade was excitedly readying himself for his debut stand-up DVD, which was due to be released in time for the Christmas rush.

“This is pretty amazing. I’m more blown away by this than anything I’ve done,” he enthused at the time.

But come December … there was no sign of the disc.

“Things like the DVD are really out of my control,” he now says. “We did it. And I thought it really would be out by Christmas 2012. I even had the producer/ director for Top Gear on it, so the DVD company obviously believed in it and forked out a lot of money making it.

“But they said they only release one DVD debut a year … and the other guy was Jack Whitehall.

“At least I lost out to someone super famous. It wasn’t Tom Stade or Chuck And His Dog.”

He adds: “My profile should be bigger later this year anyway.”

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