My Towersey: Martin Simpson

Martin Simpson: Vagrant StanzasAcknowledged as one of this country’s finest guitar players, Martin Simpson has been a regular attendee at Towersey Festival for many years.

He returns to the festival this year as part of his 60th birthday celebrations, which include a brand new solo album Vagrant Stanzas (out July) and the re-release of several of his early albums for the Topic label.

You’re a regular visitor to Towersey – what is it about the festival that makes you keep coming back?

“It’s a complete family affair. My wife, Kit, has been going since she was little, and having the kids along now, we can all hang out … and there’s other kids there as well. The music is always really really good and socially, it’s good too. I’ve had some great performances there, doing my own stuff with a band, with the trio, and with Roy Bailey, who has been amazing! Obviously, he’s my father-in-law, but it’s astonishing what he can do, amazing, and he’s very much part of the fabric of Towersey. Every time I see him there, he blows people away.”

Will your Towersey appearance this year be with a band, or solo?

“I’m pretty much concentrating on playing solo at the moment to reflect the solo record, so I’m just doing what I want to do, which is a very exciting place to be.”

Martin Simpson – Delta Dreams (from Vagrant Stanzas)

Towersey Festival
22-26 August 2013