Birmingham Comedy Festival 2014: Opportunities for acts

  • Call out to comedians, sketch groups, theatre troupes, poets, musicians and performers.
  • Slots available as part of all-day city centre event.

As part of the Birmingham Comedy Festival (3-12 Oct 2014), the festival are running an ‘all-day’ event in Birmingham City Centre on Sunday 5 October at two venues. The venues hold around 60 each.

Hour long, ‘Edinburgh’ style slots will be available from lunchtime onwards in both venues.

To initially apply the festival requires:

  • Details of the act and show being put forward.
  • Roughly what time of day you’d like to perform. Slots are available from 1pm to 9:45pm.
  • Whether there are technical requirements for the show.
  • Whether you will sell tickets to your show OR run it as Free in, bucket donations on the way out. Either way you will keep 100% of the door/bucket money (less the on-line sales booking fee).

The festival will then get back to you with a time/venue. If you are allocated a slot – there is a £40 show registration fee. This covers:

  • entry into the Birmingham Comedy Festival brochure, website and other marketing materials (as appropriate)
  • free use of the venue for the allocated time
  • a ‘show manager’ who will ensure the smooth running of the venue, do the door, sound cues etc.
  • administration of on-line ticket sales, if you chose to sell tickets

Deadline: FRIDAY 20 JUNE 2014, noon (if full payment is not received by this time, your slot will be allocated to someone else). Please note that space are limited.

If you are interested – please reply with the information requested above.

Contact details for all submissions / expressions of interest

For more information on Birmingham Comedy Festival,

NOTE: The next deadline for submission of longer shows or confirmed activities at other venues is 11 July 2014, noon. Please contact the festival directly for more information.