Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival: Day 2 programme

The Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival takes place in Birmingham on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 July 2014.

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16th Over The Fence comedy film festival

Full listings for Saturday 5 July 2014 programme

The 16th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival: Death, Love and Desire

Saturday 5 July 2014
Custard Factory Theatre, Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AA
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: £5, available on the door.
Web: www.frictionarts.com
Contact: info@frictionarts.com or 0121 772 6160

This year’s program offers insight into the minds of comic filmmakers on the nature, peculiarity and madness of Death, Love, and Desire.

Their visions take us on one wild ride that will have you proud to be a human being in one moment, to the point that leaves you pondering mankind’s absurdities. And they don’t stop there – these filmmakers delve deep looking at the peculiar ways humans can be … well… ‘human’. With all our foibles!

1. Judges
Australia (NSW), 7 mins
Director & Writer: Matt Goodrich. Producer: Michael Nicholls. Cast: Ben Adams, Damien Vennell, Erin Klein, Keith Gordon, Michelle Merenda, Steve Hayden.
A group of six inept short film judges must race against the clock to select the finalists for this year’s competition.

2. Afghan
Canada, 5 mins
Director, Writer, Producer: Pardis Parker. Cast: Mark Little & Pardis Parker.
An afternoon surprise forces two friends to make the best of a bad situation. Afghan is an award-winning short film about hate crimes, humour and friendship.

3. Funny Webcam Effects
Spain, 2 mins
Writer, Producer, Director: Néstor Fernández. Cast: Javier Botet.
Dealing with bad news when you playing with a new toy … sometimes it’s irresistible.

4. Titanic Love
UK, 22 mins
Writer, Producer, Director: Mark Pressdee. Cast: Alex Edwardson, Susannah Felicty Wells.
Lucy has found a Titanic Love cruise and wants to relive the Hollywood dream. Jack does not, they can’t afford it and Lucy is furious. Their relationship hits rough waters and Jack calls on best friend Delroy for advice and a cheap alternative. True to form, Delroy and his trusty sidekick Jaz have a cunning plan, but can disaster be averted?

5. No Respire
Spain, 2 mins
Director, Writer, Producer and Actor: Ricky Merino.
Who hasn’t held their breath under water? We hardly ever pass a minute but … what if it’s just not a game? This is the story of a man who determined to break his own record in his bathtub, and immerses himself in the ghosts of his past with one objective: to find the mermaid. All he has to do is “don’t breathe, she will come…”

6. House Cocktail
UK, 2 mins.
Writer, Producer, Director: James Kibbey. Cast: Mark Chavez, Laura Haddock, Shenoah Allen.
A likeable loser uses his imagination to outwit a sinister barman and win the affections of the girl of his dreams. Will the intangible win out against the tangible?

7. Now, That’s Cute
USA, 2.28 mins
Director: Mark Nickelsburg. Writer: Aaron Ballard. Producer: Raymond McAnally. Cast: Christina Norris, Aaron Ballard, Lacy J. Dunn.
Sometimes some things are just so cute, they must be destroyed! It’s a bad day at the office when Nancy, an otherwise genteel office – worker, goes on a rampage destroying all things cute …

8. Pain In The Keyhole
Australia (SA), 7 mins
Writer, Producer, Director: Kurt Roberts. Cast: David Collins
After David finds a note in his mailbox, he follows the simple instructions of swallowing the key to receive the treasure. Unfortunately David discovers the key unlocks more than just treasure. David will do anything to unlock the treasure chest. Anything…

9. The Things My Father Never Taught Me
Australia (WA), 7 mins
Writer, Director: Burleigh Smith. Producers: Jennah Bannear, Peter McIntosh. Cast: Burleigh Smith, Aiden Papamihail, Bridie Carter.
Melvin gives dating advice to his three-year-old son. He teaches him to dress well, act with confidence and spend time with the right crowd. The results are disastrous. And then Melvin meets Mary, an attractive single mother, and his womanising skills are put to the test.

10. Best of Both Worlds
USA, 13 mins
Writer, Director: Michael Dunker. Producer: David Lawson. Cast: Alex Ruiz, Emily Button, Kevin Brooks.
Struggling to find a normal woman, Charlie meets Michelle one night, and questions if he can accept the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ when she reveals she turns into a guy named Michael during the day.

11. The Train
Canada, 1.5 mins
Director, Writer, Produce: Pardis Parker. Cast: Colin Mochrie & Pardis Parker.
Peter learns a valuable lesson on the train ride home from work – one person’s funny line may not be everyone’s …

12. Ringwood
Australia (Vic), 6.45 mins
Director, Writer: Megan Palinkas. Producer: Pennie Brown. Cast: Simon Russell, Cassandra Magrath, Scott Major.
Waiting for a delayed train at the most notorious station in Melbourne, Chris is about to make some new friends – whether he wants to or not.

13. Division Azul
Spain, 12.46 mins
Director, Writer: Sergi Marti. Producer: Jordi Abarca. Cast: Marc Martínez,  Álvaro Cervantes.
Leningrad, summer 1943 – German attempts to conquer the strategic city of Leningrad have failed miserably. Hitler, desperate, plays his last available card: Mission Spark. But to carry out the mission he will need his best men. He will need the Spanish soldiers of the Blue Division.

14. ‘max x’ – The Camera
Germany, 2 mins
Writer, Producer, Director, Actor: Dave Packer
‘max x’ tries out his new digital camera. But, surprise, surprise, things don’t go as planned. ‘max x.’ – a hapless hero in the daily struggle for survival!

15. Future Histories
Australia (NSW), 7 mins
Director: Team Effort. Producer: Rachel Jansen. Cast: Michael Sloan, Henry Stone, Greg Larsen, Sam Campbell.
Neil Armstrong is from the future, and must pass his final History Exam. Unfortunately for Neil, time travelling to the past is not as unique as it sounds …

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