Fred Theatre: Friend Or Foe?

Friend Or Foe block

Friend or Foe? presents authentic voices from the first world war.

Three one-act plays, all written during the conflict, each passionate and exposing raw emotions and deeply held convictions. Yet, each tells a very different story, and reveals the range of attitudes the war evoked at the time.

These powerful plays demonstrate the playwrights of the war have a voice which was equal in strength to that of the poets, challenging perceived ideas of manhood, womanhood, social order and authority.

The plays:

  • Black ‘Ell by Miles Malleson – exploring the trauma of war. What does it mean to kill someone? A family welcomes a soldier home from the front …
  • X=0: A Night of the Trojan War by John Drinkwater – set during the Trojan War, Drinkwater’s play was performed at Birmingham Repertory Theatre in 1917, and has never been performed since having met with controversy …
  • The Munition Worker by Alec Holmes (aka Lady Aimée Byng Hall Scott) – the pro-war feminist story of a munitions factory worker preparing for a sacrifice …

Friend Or Foe? is the latest production from West Midlands-based theatre company Fred.

Directed by Peter Malin, produced by Robert F Ball, and starring Nathan Blyth, Emmeline Braefield, Mollie Fyfe Taylor, Charlie Ives, James Parsons, Peter M. Smith, and Barbara Treen.

Friend or Foe, sketches

Friend Or Foe – initial design sketches for poster, flyer and digital graphics.

Friend Or Foe? spring 2016 tour dates:

  • 23-26 March 2016, The Bear Pit, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
  • 29-30 March 2016, The Cockpit, Marylebone London
  • 31 March-2 April 2016, @AE Harris, Birmingham

Friend or Foe design work

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