Go To Jail … goes to Bury

Rideout’s Go To Jail project moves to Bury’s Mill Gate Shopping Centre in May, courtesy of The Met – which is currently undergoing refurbishment.

The project will be housed in a unit in the busy centre for 10 days, where it will house two female inmates (19-23 May 2016) and two male inmates (24-28 May 2016).

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Thursday 19 to Saturday 28 May 2016
Go To Jail
Find out about life in prison with Rideout’s replica jail cell, complete with two ex-prisoners.
10/12 Minden Parade
Mill Gate Shopping Centre
Lancashire BL9 0QG
Admission free.
Open daily 11am-4pm

Press Release:

Go to jail … but leave when you like

Visitors to Bury’s Mill Gate Shopping Centre are about to get a taste of prison life!

Developed by Rideout, Go To Jail (19-28 May 2016) is a replica cell built to government regulations, housing two prisoners.

Those visiting the venue can either observe the prisoners through the barred window, or enter the cell to chat – asking questions about their lives, their sentences, and how prison affects them. Although the two ‘prisoners’ are performers, both are former inmates who have served in Her Majesty’s prisons,

Before leaving, visitors can additionally lodge their views on the prisoners’ sentences using a touch-screen console. They can also set what privileges they believe the prisoners should be entitled to in their cells; these could include such ‘comforts’ as a guitar, newspapers, or a television.

Home to two adults, the replica cell is 3.7m by 2.5m and contains a bunk bed, two chairs, a desk unit, sink, toilet and a mirror. In some UK jails, prisoners can spend up to 23 hours a day confined in a similar space.

Rideout’s Saul Hewish, who co-developed the project said: “Unless you’ve actually ‘served time at Her Majesty’s pleasure’ it’s hard to imagine what life is really like for those incarcerated in our over-crowded prisons. Go To Jail allows people to see the reality, and hear real stories from those who’ve served sentences.”

Offering different perspectives on life inside, two female prisoners will be ‘interned’ first (19-23 May), followed by two male prisoners (24-28 May).

Presented in association with The Met, Go To Jail is open from Thursday 19 to Saturday 28 May 2016 between 11am and 4pm at 10/12 Minden Parade, Mill Gate Shopping Centre, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0QG. Admission is free. No appointment necessary.

For more information go to: www.gotojail.info

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