Towersey Festival & FTMC present: William The Conqueror

William The Conqueror

Towersey Festival have once again teamed up with Thame’s First Thursday Music Club (FTMC) for a very special free Towersey launch gig in Thame on 2 June 2016.

This year’s show features none other than William The Conqueror, the rootsy trio fronted by acclaimed singer-songwriter Ruarri Joseph.

Locked into a three-year touring and promotion schedule around his emotionally charged fourth album (2013’s Brother), which was devoted to the loss of a friend, Ruarri created William The Conqueror as a way to be able to vent everything else he was going through.

“I wanted people to hear the stories from it and be part of that healing process, so I was on my best behaviour and stuck to the programme,” he says the bearded musician. “But as an impatient artist, I knew it had the potential to become frustrating to sing the same songs, no matter how meaningful, for such a long time.

“William was my escape and my way of keeping attached to the love of making music so it didn’t just become my job. Now after three years of keeping William in the dark, I want to switch things up. Ruarri can go off the radar and William can have his turn.”

Musically, while you can hear influence, you can’t attribute it to any one thing, other than a taste for good old fashioned roots. One minute it’s a hushed JJ Cale that somehow finds it’s way to an angry Jim Morrison and late 70’s Dylan. The next it’s a grunge era Pearl Jam via Leonard Coen and Tom Waits. What makes it unique is William’s rich, earnest voice and the poetic nuance of a man clearly wise to the complexities and hardships of love and life.

See William The Conqueror on Thursday 2 June 2016, at FTMC, The James Figg, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2BL. Admission is FREE.

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