The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble: Sleepy Maggie

The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble have announced the tracklisting for their new mini-album.

Entitled Sleepy Maggie + Remixes Reworkings and Rarities, the release began life as an EP before rapidly expanding into a 10-track mini-album.

As The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble’s founder, Joe Broughton, explains:

“Things often get out of hand when working with the folk ensemble – you just mention an idea and before you know it it’s 10 times bigger that what you intended, I guess because the band is 10 times the size of a normal band.

“This project started out as the single Sleepy Maggie and after I mentioned the possibility of doing some remixes, in the pub after rehearsal one night, the ideas started flowing.

“Before I knew it I had club remixes, Chinese groove-monsters, full on drum n bass and more flowing into my inbox. I thought perhaps we could release a few of these with the single but they just kept on coming.

“A full scale remix, reworking, reinventing project had launched itself and I started to wonder whether other people might enjoy hearing these radical takes on a traditional tune as much as I was enjoying them.

“Actually they are radical takes on what I thought was a pretty radical version of the tune I had already made!

“Also, I had this old live version (Vintage Maggie) that I always loved the vibe of but had no reason to release. It needed mending because of a technical fault in the original recording but I’m so pleased to be able to share it with you after all these years.”

Conservatoire Folk Ensemble: Sleepy Maggie

Released on 10 June 2018 – the same day as the Ensemble’s bound-to-sell-out all-dayer, Power Folk – the full tracklisting is as follows:

The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble:
Sleepy Maggie + Remixes Reworkings and Rarities (SAE Records)

1. Sleepy Maggie (Joe Broughton/Trad) Arr. Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE
2. Restless Maggie (Sybren Holwerda/Trad) Arr. Sybren Holwerda/Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE
3. Cath na Maggie (Gáji /Trad) Arr. Tom Campbell /Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE
4. Maggster (Fuka Tatsu/Trad) Arr. Fraser Birchenall/Joe Broughton/FB’s CFE
5. Subconscious (Ed Day/Trad) Arr. Ed Day/Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE
6. Sleep Talk (Josh Wunderlich/Trad) Arr. Josh Wunderlich/Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE. Lyrics: Josh Wunderlich
7. Raving Mag (Oli Parker/Trad) Arr. Oli Parker/Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE
8. Maggillusion (Tenzen/Trad) Arr. Ben Weatherill/Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE
9. Vintage Maggie (Joe Broughton/Trad) Arr. Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE. A recently found rare and repaired live version from around 2008.
10. Maggie and The Great Tombourini (Thomas Whitehead/Trad) Arr. Thomas Whitehead/Joe Broughton/JB’s CFE

The lead track, Sleepy Maggie, comes with a video (above), which was premiered via Folk Radio on 6 May 2018.

The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble’s Summer UK Tour runs from 23 May to 19 August 2018.

For full dates and more information, see: The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble: Sleepy Maggie & Summer Tour 2018 (press release)

The ensemble’s 2017/2018 line-up:

Joe Broughton; Adam Davison; Aimée Lucas; Alex Chisnall; Alexander Henshaw; Alice Cheer; Alicia Hillman; Aria Trigás; Arjun Jethwa; Ben Weatherill; Benny Hill; Bogdan Suciu; Bryn Davies; Conor Smyth-Chakraborty; Daniel Blanco; Albert Dominic O’Sullivan; Ed Day; Edwin Podolski; Emily Dore; Emily Hick;s Emily Hopper; Flora McNicoll; Fraser Birchenall; Gina Baker; Harry Thorpe; Heather Duncanson; Helena Bale; Helena Britten; Isobel Matthews; Isobella Goodwin; Jacob Perkins; James Wilson; Jennie Robson; Joe Ockford; Josh Dean; Josh Wunderlich; Jude Crofton; Julie Claire; Kaethe Uken; Kailan Barton-Porter; Karel Vrbik; Katie Jenner; Leila Hooton; Louis Stanhope; Maarten Benschop; Mae Edwards; Mark Dilley; Matt Price; Max Thomas; Millicent James; Natasha Davies; Neavan Lobban; Nick B Hart; Nicky Szabo; Ning-ning Li; Oli Parker; Oliver Kinsella; Oliver Lin; Paloma Trigás; Patrick Lester-Rourke; Rachel Roberts; Rob Roberts; Robert Bark; Rosemary Wilkes; Rosie Tunley; Sal Broughton; Sam Baldwin; Samantha Oxborough; Sean Law; Sean Morrison; Seth Bye; Sybren Holwerda; Thomas Whitehead; Tom Campbell; Tom Chapman; Tom Stoneman; Tommy Hill; Tsvetelina Likova; Victoria Groves.

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