Angella Corinna: I Protest EP – track-by-track

Angella Corinna’s debut collection, the I Protest EP, is released on 7 May 2021. Read the full Press Release ….

Here, the Black Country songwriter discusses each track.

I Protest

I have been a part of the MAC Arts Songwriting Circle facilitated by Dan Whitehouse since 2012. This song was written in response to a songwriting assignment to write a “Protest” song in January 2017. That night I was about to sleep when a stream of words began to fill my head. I said to myself, I’ll remember them in the morning, and tried to sleep. However, more words began to flow into my thoughts and I had to wake up and start to write them in my notebook. The final lyrics are very similar to how the words came into my mind. I decided to keep the music quite simple and I used the scale of C major.

Clean Up Your Heart

This song was written as a reflection on the growing awareness of global climate change. What baffles me somewhat, is that everyone focuses on the environment outside but no one ever looks at the environment of the collective human psyche. Whilst the human heart is capable of great love, kindness, generosity, wisdom, courage, and other worthwhile attributes, it can also be full of toxic emotions such as, hatred, violence, jealousy, rage, and other destructive tendencies. It seems to me that is imperative for humanity to address these negative traits that can exist inside us as well as the pollution and environmental damage in the Earth. I imagine that if humanity, “cleaned up” its collective heart, the environment would simultaneously be able to recover. The song was written in May 2019.

Little Green Girl

This is the newest song on the EP which was written in October 2019. It was written as an ode to the Environmental campaigner, Greta Thunberg and as homage to the Generation X who grew up with the threat of Nuclear War. As a child growing up in the early eighties I was horrified by the threat of seemingly impending nuclear devastation. I vividly remember watching the BBC drama, “Threads,” that dramatised the effects of a nuclear bomb on the city of Sheffield. The threat of nuclear war was depicted in all areas of the media through, books, film, music and fashion. As a child I was convinced that this was going to happen in my lifetime. Now I think that it is cruel to put the fear of the end of the world into children’s minds whether it is through war, terrorism, climate change or the current pandemic.

People Are Divided

This song was written in January 2013 and it was inspired by the images on the TV news of people protesting for their rights in Syria. I was moved by the image of crowds of ordinary people marching through the streets. I wanted to write a simple song that could be a universal rallying cry for people anywhere in the world. Funnily enough, when I have played the song at open mics some people have thought that I was singing about Brexit but it is actually a song about the “divide and conquer” strategies used by Governments to keep control of the people.

Mother Earth

Again, this song was written in response to a songwriting assignment from Dan, to write a song about the Earth. When I wrote the song, in 2018, I was inspired by the images of forest fires rampaging through California, the Amazon Rainforest and Australian bush fires. I was also inspired by news reports of British plastic waste being exported abroad and polluting the rivers and oceans overseas. I imagined Mother Earth as a distraught figure, in agony at her mindless destruction by humanity.

Angella Corinna’s I Protest EP is out 7 May 2021.


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