Angella Corinna: I Protest EP

Five track EP of contemporary protest songs from Wolverhampton singer-songwriter.

Released Friday 7 May 2021.

Review Stream of I Protest EP via Bandcamp.

Wolverhampton singer-songwriter Angella Corinna releases her debut EP, I Protest, on Friday 7 May 2021.

Very much in the ‘protest singer’ tradition, the five-track collection sees Angella exploring a series of pertinent modern themes. With a broad global viewpoint, she draws our attention to how society is perhaps not as caring, or benign, as we would like to think.

Previously shared for March 2021’s International Women’s Day, the title track, I Protest, sees Angella rallying against our leaders in a driving protest against human rights infringements: ‘I stand for freedom and equality,’ she sings. ‘I stand for love and liberty.’

Meanwhile, the lilting Clean Up Your Heart imagines what would happen if humanity addressed it’s own negative traits; Cold War fears from Angella’s own childhood mesh with the anxieties facing Generation Z in Little Green Girl; and The People Are Divided discusses how governments quell resistance by encouraging division.

Finally, Mother Earth was fuelled by devastating images of wild fires rampaging through California, the Amazon and Australian bush. “I imagined Mother Earth as a distraught figure, in agony at her mindless destruction by humanity,” says Angella.

Recorded in Kings Heath, Birmingham, by Michael Clarke, the lyrical darkness of the acoustic tracks is offset by lighter melodies, ultimately suggesting there is hope.

Discussing her songwriting, Angella says: “My desire is to express how I experience the world around me – to make music that people can relate to, and have an emotional response to.

“The themes I address in the EP are all subjects I feel strongly about – society is facing vast challenges, which I think have really come to the fore during this pandemic. But I hope humanity can rise to meet them, and the world we shape as we come out of this period will be a better place – more positive, equal, caring and aware.”

Influenced by such accomplished and timeless songwriters as Carole King, Tracy Chapman, Kirsty MacColl and Bob Marley, as well as the world around her, Angella has been making music since childhood. A regular attendee at songwriter/ composer Dan Whitehouse’s seminal Birmingham-based Songwriter’s Circle workshops, she’s also attended numerous songwriting courses and retreats, fascinated and inspired by the variety of approaches taken by other accomplished writers.

Her first official release, the I Protest EP is released on Friday 7 May 2021 via Messenger Maiden Music. Listen via leading streaming services. Also available as a limited edition CD.

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Angella Corinna – I Protest EP

(Messenger Maiden Music)
Released 7 May 2021.

1. I Protest (3:21)
2. Clean Up Your Heart (3:24)
3. Little Green Girl (3:27)
4. The People Are Divided (3:00)
5. Mother Earth (3:49)


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